CPII (Isothermal Tank With Feet)


Basic Accessories
Double effect safety valve.
Lifting lugs.
Stainless steel sampling faucet.
Double frontal door:
– an oval, interior.
– other thermally insulated, exterior.
Level indicator with scale and 3 way stainless steel tap.
Parcial discharge with stainless steel valve.
Total discharge with stainless steel valve.
Stainless steel support feet

Optional Accessories
Top mouth.
Antifoam entry.
Metering valve for nitrogen adding.
Cleaning system (perforated sphere with a tube until 1,5 mt from the ground).
Cooling jacket (measure according with the capacity).
Probe tube (probe excluded).
Electrical switchboard to temperature monitorization.
Tate-lie (clear product searcher).
Feet with height adjudtment.