Top mouth (from 3 000 lt).
Double effect safety valve.
Lifting lugs (from 5 000 lt).
Stainless steel sampling faucet.
Oval door (internal opening).
Level indicator with scale and 3 way stainless steel tap.
Parcial discharge with stainless steel valve.
Total discharge with stainless steel valve.
Stainless steel support feet.

Different ø top mouth.
Antifoam entry.
Metering valve for nitrogen adding.
Cleaning system (perforated sphere with a tube until 1,5 mt from the ground).
Cooling crown with water recuperator.
Cooling jacket.
Probe tube (probe excluded).
Electrical switchboard to fermentation temperature monitorization.
Tate-lie (clear product searcher).
Heating coil.
Feet with height adjudtment.